Chinese Crested Dogs– What is their REAL origin?

Thanks for this reprise!

The true origins of the Chinese Crested are buried in the fake history Deborah Wood and Ida Garrett adopted for their 20th Century creation cobbled together from Peruvian Inca Orchid Stock as well as several other hairless varieties besides the the xolos, plus those fluff genes from some secret places!!! Ancient Chinese, my foot! And the breed, less than 50 years after its creation (Frankensteinian put-together is more like it) is going to hell with rampant hairiness.

The egos of those two women indulged in little to no research- they had no clue how to manage the restricted hair gene, as I prefer to call it. They made it up as they went along, but the gene itself got away from them. The restricted hair gene (HH or Hh) acts among other things, as a single coated gene in the CC, thus, completely coated single coated dogs are not unusual among CC breeders.

In fact, some breeders have given up pretending they know how to use the HH gene and are simply shaving their hairy cresteds- so now, for all practical purposes the CC “look” is nothing but a haircut! And those powderpuffs! (I have one) Their coats are impossible for an ordinary person to keep long and fluffy. I have to shave my little guy every 3 months or so to keep it under control!

This is a case of breeders gone mad! Ida Garrett was one to have the vision of creating her own dog breed and probably invented the name, but she got sidetracked by Chihuahuas and gave her stock, collected from all over, including Tucson, to Deborah Wood in a half-realized collection of HH gened dogs. Ida had a huge ego and desperately wanted to be known as the creator of her own breed, because being known for the re-creation of a breed is the ultimate ego trip for the dog fanciers of the time-1880′s- 1930′s. I do not know why she didn’t finish, but perhaps it was simply age.

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