Breeding Landrace Dogs- preliminary thoughts.

Early Spanish depiction of techichi dog

I have some ideas about breeding landrace types. I have written other posts about it, but think I will write a new one pretty soon. I have found that dog breeders are a stubborn bunch as far as learning new points of view are concerned. I don’t know who my readers are, and some may dump me for these opinions, but I know I have the best references to support them all.

Techichi type dogs are a landrace type. The breeding is entirely different than at the AKC. The only thing an AKC breeding approach to breeding a techichi -or other landrace dog- would do would be to concentrate some techichi genes, if it is even possible without inbreeding.  BUT remember, techichi types have retained their phenotype even when crossbred extensively, so it doesn’t matter. Dog incest is not needed in landrace breeds, though it is the principle principle of the AKC breeding- in order to concentrate wanted genes.

The lab-tested dogs don’t have a lot of native genes, just enough to give the phenotype, I guess. The dogs are still popular in Tucson especially, and are 99.x% bred in Mexican neighborhood private homes, without benefit of any knowledge of breeding except to put two “Chihuahuas” together. (Or sometimes a chi/dachshund or chi-pom). The pups are given away to family and sold through putting cardboard boxes with “Chihuahua Pups” and phone numbers written on them- at the major intersections in the Mexican neighborhoods. The pups only rarely get advertised in any print media. This is backyard breeding at its best. No AKC involved, no AKC dogs involved, either.

Where I got my start in learning about landrace dogs was from three blogs, in particular. Have any of you readers ever read (Scottie Westfall) The blog used to be about dogs, so look at posts about 4 years old for that, but I love the point of view on dog politics in particular. It is now called Natural History because Scottie’s passions are so wide ranging.

or Border Wars? (Christopher Landaur) who has complied the most authentic information on Qualzucht INbreeding EVER and is so passionate his emotion pours out of every paragraph. If you can stand to look and read, you will learn about dog incest in a very scientific and accurate way. Not many people could have written this- it is top drawer information by someone who actually understands the genetics involved, AND he explains it to laymen well with lots of graphics and graphic pix.

or the Desert Windhounds blog (Jess Ruffner)  about the crossbred salukis and afghans and how the Afghanis actually bred those dogs. (She says in her ABOUT ME “If you have found your way here from somewhere the ‘reputable’ breeders hang out, the first, and most important, thing you need to know is that I am an Evil Crossbreeder™, and I don’t show my own dogs. I have some…strange…views about ‘breeds’ and dogs as biological, not mythological, entities. If these are deal-breakers for your worldview, you should turn back now.”)  She is cynical, but accurate and painfully honest. What she knows and does about crossbreeding the Afghan family of dogs has made her an outcast at the AKC, but a hero to people who want to keep genetic diversity and return inbred breeds to landrace status.

Landrace dogs are the future of dog breeding.

Those three guys’ opinions reflect  the most important voices in the future of dog breeding at the moment.  You can read their references to find where they learned their info, and I did. I spent 100’s of hours finding the best dog blogs and hundreds of hours reading these three, and their references, once I found them.  I am a dogged (wink) researcher and these three are the best dog info blogs I’ve found, so far. Their posts are hard hitting and very anti-establishment (read anti- AKC, HUAC, ASPCA, etc. ) and very pro-fact. They are all friends with each other, so finding one meant finding the other two. (I also met Fiesta Cranberry through those blogs’ comments sections- a most delightful person I wish I could meet in person.)

Anyway, this isn’t the actual post on landrace breeding, I don’t even define it here,  it is just an info pointer to get anyone who wants to learn about breeding landrace dogs going. I am introducing the words, to let you get used to them, if it is a new concept to you. If you want to read ahead on me, look it up in my previous posts  OR, go to those three blogs and get completely overwhelmed if you love to bathe in information- as I do.



Yes, I understand your view on breeding, having read your opinions before, and read many articles online, I decided that if I do this, I would start with Xolo and Chis. I call my two my Chi Chi dogs. I know there are a lot of other genes there, but have you read any of the articles on the “rewilding” projects going on in Europe (mostly). They are breeding certain types of cattle and horses to bring out the ancient genes in there, for Aurochs and Tarpans. Same principle for these dogs. Never get rid of the newer genes, but the animals look like their wild ancestors. Maybe no one would want these dogs, but I think the Techichi types are gorgeous, size wise, 10-20 lbs, etc. Look at the people selling supposedly American Indian Dogs. People like them, Some of the breeders seem genuine. I have looked at the sites, especially the Tahltan Bear Dog FB page. I like those too, but this is more feasible for me, my space, my age. I was just so excited that these are so similar to the dogs found in tombs in Meso America. Someone should try to preserve them. I do breed AKC and some linebreeding is important, after all the landrace dogs probably did some on their own!

Anyway, if there is anyone interested, send them my way, or perhaps they will respond. Thanks for your input.


Caitlin Williams

Thanks for that comment.. I kind of forgot about that back breeding stuff going on and never thought of dogs. Duh. Now I get it. I am super excited, actually! I am gong to get some of those sites on my favorites list! If you are serious at the level of those other back breeders, you are my wish for this type of doggy- and I feel kind of arrogant when I shoulda been more humble.

Thanks for reading my posts and sorry i don’t keep good track of reader’s names;you deserve better.I will correct that in the future,( I resolve this new years day.) I see what you want to do and I hope to track your work in the years to come.

Let’s just say, I am impressed. Thanks for adding to this blog.

There is a kind of tribal line breeding in people and dogs, where members begin to look a bit like each other that happens naturally in villages, yet it is open to fresh genes. I am only wary of the problems of a closed gene pool. I think there would have to be some line breeding to concentrate the wanted genes; perhaps it could be done very specifically with today’s techniques and not compromise other sustems….

I think that slight line breeding is why you can often tell a Japanese person from a Chinese or a Navajo from a Hopi or Zuni. If you look at people as occurring in landraces, there is a tribal genetic heritage that touches the looks in many groups with shared ancestors.


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