Common Varieties of Techichi- shorter legs & a stop.

Not all techichi dogs look like the ones I have posted so  far. I have concentrated on the general type and noted its consistency, though probably not one of the dogs I have ever featured here is from AKC Chihuahua breeding. They are a a very generalized type of dog, with no special distinctions except the small size, and arguably, the hare foot.

Some techichi have a little more stop than others and thus have a bit of a terrier look as opposed to the smoother stop in many. This stronger stop becomes more like the applehead chis when it is reduced to minute sizes, but it seems to be a long time feature in this race of dogs. In fact I would call a certain kind of “Chihuahua” with a stop and shorter legs another classic type of variation on the mold. Think the Taco Bell dog or Papi in Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Sometimes this type of  chi is called a chi-dox. They are usually no such thing, unless they have the longer dropped ears, too long a body and too short legs. The shorter legged chi does not appear to have dwarfism of the legs, but just has shorter legs in proportion to the back. The photo below is not of a shelter dog, but is of what I think of as the perfect shorter legged variety.

This dog is named “kilobyte” and belongs to “fang mother” I prefer the longer legs myself, but I see the virtues of this dog, too. This is an alternate archetype, but it is also well represented in the pots of ancient Mexico. My Chip was a variation on this theme but with less of a stop and in the black and tan color. A lot of Chis in the pounds are of this shorter legged variety. In fact, so many never registered lines of chis have these legs, that I am calling it its own type- type “B” unless I think of something better or a reader does.

A couple of weeks ago I was racing through a lot of links and saw one which claimed that this type of dog was typical of the more Eastern variety of “small Indian dogs” and the longer legged one was more from the West. I let the link go by and have not been able to find it again, so I won’t make the claim, though it is something to watch for more evidence on.

Because these “raza”  dogs are not bred to be consistent, the types tend to be mixed up together and come out one way in one generation and another way in a another generation. The one thing for sure is the deer type and this cobbier type are the most common types of techichi.

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