What the Heck is a Techichi Dog?

In short, what we have called the “Deer Type Chihuahua” is the original Techichi Dog, not to be confused with the AKC variation on the theme, the tiny, appleheaded, teensy-snouted, runt. The Techichi Dog does look like a deer with large erect but relaxed ears, large luminous eyes, a rounded stop, a naturally balanced head and a graceful, long legged body with a tucked up waist. The back may roach slightly, as it does in the photo below, especially when the dog is wary

This precious guy was collected off the internet some years ago.

He is the perfect Techichi type.

The Techichi Dog most often weighs in the 10 pound range. The tan color above is very common, though any color is acceptable.Another feature found in the Techichi Dog is the hare foot. This foot is more elongated with arched toes and the 2 center toes stick out further than the outside toes. The little guy above has the hare foot, though so much out-crossing has been done on this breed, that the round compact feet show up, too.

I just decided to make a bold move and stop pussy-footing around about what the deer type Chihuahuas are. They are not Chihuahuas; Chihuahuas are descended from them. They are a type of dog that has been in the Americas since before the Europeans arrived. They are still common in the desert regions where Mexico and the US meet. In fact, they are ideally adapted to live in the desert, with their small size, and short coats.

They fit the definition of a landrace dog.

I encourage you to follow the link and return when you have read the page. The fact that the Techichi Dog is an original native village dog, a landrace dog, is vitally important, because it has not been purebred in any way. The consistency in type has become very strong by selecting for the same basic type over the generations and by not getting distracted with the variations that appear. They do appear, but as the dogs breed, the variations tend to disappear with few exceptions, which I will address in other posts.

Another important thing about this dog is its persistence over time, regardless of how it has been bred. This type is mainly made up of dominant traits which tend to breed true, unless 2 recessives meet up, when some kind of variation will occur. Most variations disappear in the  offspring, however, since the dog will probably breed to another with dominant type.The Techichi Dog is the result of simple breeding skills, and it is easy for non-professional breeders to maintain the general type.

How dare I just come out and say all this? What kind of backup do I have? Well, for today, let’s stick with a classic book by Amy Fernandez and Kelly Rhae, called, “Hairless Dogs, the Naked Truth.” self-published and copyrighted in 1998, 1999. pp 55-57. The authors cite Francisco Hernandez as the first source of the word ‘Techichi’ dogs,in 1578.Hernandez described it as, “a small Indian dog found in Mexico, raised by Indians primarily as a food source, but also as children’s pets and for hunting small animals.”

On the same page, they say, “According to the Jesuit priest, Juan de Acosta, ‘The natives so love these little dogs, they will spare their meat to feed them and keep them only for company’.”.

I will provide more historical documentation and pictures in future posts.



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