Name the Species

This is the Woozy of Oz with Scraps the Patchwork Girl

Woozy is bald except for 3 hairs on the tip of his tail. He is toothless. This illustration is by John R Neill from the Patchwork girl of Oz, but is obviously a xolo as it was verbally described. That is, a Dog of Xolotl, energy of the weird.
Woozy is an independent guy, but he threw his lot in with Scraps in the eternity that is OZ. She, in turn, is the heart throb of  our guy, the Scarecrow.
Of I forgot. The woozy has a temper and can breathe fire!


Caitlin Williams

Actually, he shoots fire out of his eyes!


Lori Z.

Oh, how cool! I’ve got to read those books.


Kate Williams

L. Frank Baum wrote 14 of them, including the Wizard of Oz, but he once said he thought the Scarecrow of Oz was his personal favorite. I love Scraps, Woozy and the Glass Cat, all in that book.


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