still sputtering

I haven’t been able to access this blog for a long time, but I am now somewhat back. No new posts on the actual subject yet, but have to say I am so delighted to see all the folks with techichis! I will monitor comments here more quickly.

I struggled to find a good wiki type program so people could post – and post pictures of their techichis and interact. After trying a lot of things, I decided the closest match for want I want is my Facebook page so please post pix and interact there. You seem like a great bunch of people and so that could work.

As for this blog, I need to organize subjects, edit, and clarify more than add more of the same…Maybe in 2016 with a new computer…


Gina Dumpleton

I am sure I too have a Techichi. Looks like a Deer Head but weighs in at 17lb. Nill aggression. Gets on well with other dogs but is very shy of strangers, takes a while to feel at ease with them. Will bark when someone comes to the door but is not a yapper.


    Caitlin Williams

    Sounds very typical!


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