Techichi, Techichi, Let Me Count the Ways…


For me, the classic techichi dog is a dog with no extremes except for size and even then, at 10 pounds average,they are not extremely small. The short legs seem to have been one variety of dog known in the New World. The more cobby type dog with a stop and the more deerlike types are also mentioned. Both varieties can have short legs, though some are straighter than others. It may be that two different old style gene pools have been combined – not to mention what all else is in there.

The so-called Arizona type of small dogs of the 1880’s to the 1920’s came in three  varieties: short haired, long haired and hairless as testified to by James Watson and Ida Garrett, among others, both important in the development of the AKC form of the Chihuahua, which now has little in common with the average techichi. Ida Garrett is said to have complained that the Arizona dogs didn’t breed true. Nevertheless it is known that she collected hairless dogs of all types, so it is not beyond reason to think that she got hairless techichis in Arizona along with the deer type coated dogs. She later turned over her stock to Deborah Wood who was instrumental in cobbling together the Chinese Crested. The dog Wood finally got into the AKC was already far more copiously furnished than any so called Chinese Crested from the 19th century drawings and photos.

Since hairless Chinese Cresteds are virtually indistinguishable from most hairless toy xolos, I dare say Ida and Debora could have easily gotten the size of the cresties, from the Arizona dog. Another variety of techichi worth mentioning is the coated, toy (or miniature) Xoloitzquintli. Coated toy/min Xolos are indistinguishable from deer chis except for the fact that it is known that both  parents were Xolos. Some toy xolos have a more rounded head and more of a stop than the larger version of the breed, just as techichi have the same variations. So I am going to claim the small xolos as a variety of Techichi, with an extremely high likelihood that coated and naked techichi were among the dogs that made up both the present toy Chinese Crested and the modern day Chihuahua through the medium of the Arizona dogs and the persons of James Watson ad Ida Garrett. These two are both on record as using them in their breeding programs, though I must say that the Chihuahua fancy turned on Watson after he died and claimed he didn’t know what he was doing and his standard was too different than theirs. If you doubt my word, it is all in “The Complete Chihuahua” by multiple authors including JW.

I can only find a few pictures of coated Xolos that aren’t copyrighted by AKC owners, so sorry that this post does not have more pictures.

The guy above is a typical looking standard coated Xolo.

One last thing: apparently the Xolos from Guerrero were the standard size. At first the toy or miniature size (in Mexico the toy is called a miniature) was not included. Then after the toy size kept cropping up, they accepted it into the standard, but the type remains a little bit different in many toy Xolos with more deer chi heads, though the true Xolo type seems to be coming into play in the toys.

It is apparent that there were many varieties of techichi, but the deer type became the one most like xolos, and the cobby type became what is now known as the AKC chis. Watson seems to have preferred the deer type.




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