WaWa Watch 3/24/12

Today, I  did not just look at Pima County Animal Control Dogs, I checked out the other two main cities that are the main sources of deer Chihuahuas- which I call Techichi dogs- San Diego and El Paso Texas. San Diego had quite a few oversized Chis, many of them quite old, probably reflecting deaths in the family, but El Paso did not have pictures of their dogs up, so I scrolled down and got to Las Cruces NM, which I think must be the heart of Techichi breeding country. I found 20 dogs at the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley. This is a sparsely populated valley, so there is a lot of breeding going on and not enough homes. I guess the ASCMV is the culling center.  I hope they export some of these guys to other cities!

The top 3 pix are from Tucson.

I noticed the shelters from Las Cruces to El Paso also have lots and lots of these dogs, but I do not list those sources as those dogs have homes, so called foster homes, but where a dog can remain for years and still be advertised for adoption. On the other hand the local govt-run centers are dog disposal units. The most adoptable are scooped up by the shelters and the ones I see are the remains. You may, of course go to Petfinder and see these dears for yourselves, and I hope you do.

This is the second week for Shannon. Her time is almost up.

Some guys from San Diego: Mouse over the images to see name and number.

I need to learn how to control the text and pix better, but here are some guys from Las Cruces:

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