WaWaWatch 4-15-2012

I have a number of beauties to add to the techichi gallery. Here are some highlights.  I only list dogs actually in pounds awaiting their dubious futures. I consider dogs in rescue shelters as having been rescued. Being a foster parent is often an end in itself.

Ajax, a beautiful deer type techichi is waiting for you to show up at Pima County Animal Control to get him!

Go to Petfinder and put in the number of the dog. In Pima County, the number is on the photo. At other shelters, the number will show up when you mouse over the photo.




A trio of black doggies; an unusual color and yet, here are three sweeties, all very deerlike.

A couple of fawn colored deers….dears……These little guys love to have one special person, maybe more so than most dogs. These are what I call expressive faces!



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Lisa C

I love what you’re doing with your site! What good work you’re doing for these little sweeties…


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