WaWaWatch 4-3-12


This week’s offerings at the Pima County Pound include the following lovely little guys:

The first up is Zorro, a classic ancient type of small Indian dog found in several archeological sites from North to South America. It is his second week and the price is reduced.

As I archive this photo in my Gallery of Techichi dogs, I will always hope he found a  home.

Zorro has the stronger stop and a small nose and look at those ears….. He might even have one of those registered dogs in his background.

These are three puppies. I bet they will get adopted, this week. The larger picture is of Joda.

This week, I looked at dogs from Yuma to Los Angeles County pounds. Here are some of them:

This is Jose. He is what I called the “type B” Techichi in my earlier article today. Just scroll down to read it. He has the stronger stop and shorter legs. These guys always give an impression of calmness, even in the dire straits in which they find themselves at the county morgue -oops, I mean pound……

This is dusty. His style of front legs is called ‘fiddle front’ and is not the best for this kind of dog. He is also a type B techichi.He is not as calm as Jose appears, but he is willing to home with someone and love them forever for getting him out of here.

This is Mona Lisa also in the LA County pound. If I did it right when you mouse over the photo you will see the dogs’ ID numbers.

I have more of these guys, but I can’t control my photos. Still on the learning wp learning curve.


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