Wolves in Mind

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Here is a right brain thingy I condensed when I was all Mystic about wolves, two or three decades ago.

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Wolves in Mind
Wolves surround me. They accompany me wherever I am. They check things out before me and behind me and to each side. They are the first to read the vibe to which they then attune me. Their presence illuminates my sense of protection. They operate as extensions of my consciousness, as well as being way showers and inspirations for my life.
Wolves guard my doors, my boundaries. One guards the door of memory, not to stop access, but to help me past my fears of inner journeys to deep underworlds. One bounds ahead extending my vision. My wolves share their feasts and their knowledge with me,spitting forth their best tidbits at my request. They also clean up what I don’t want.

They bring me skins and feathers, because they know I like them, but even better, my wolves are bards. They know their history and love to tell me stories. They sing me to sleep, guard my dreams, and wake me in the morning.They guide my steps to higher paths

My wolves teach me for the way of the wolf is a path to the door in the top of the head, the experience of universal harmony.

My wolves eyes are sharp, their ears are keen, but their noses have such power they pick up the first atom of the winds of change so far ahead of the others that it is a type of precognition.

My wolves pick up on emotion. They amplify and feedback emotional currents like a crystal can pick up sound waves and act like a radio.

If the vibes aren’t right, my wolves slide to the side and I have the wisdom to join them. I walk in the way of my wolves. Their family nature is the same as mine. Though I am two legged, I am more like my wolves in temperament and life style.

Wolves are carnivores and athletes, but they also know many fruits and vegetables and herbs that nourish and balance. They teach me to use these and how to find the healing clays and waters. My wolves use the magnetic currents and lights of the interactions of heaven and earth in their calculations of Time Space and Seasons. They are always in the right place at the right time.

Wolf consciousness surrounds me as I walk, my Father Sky above, and Mother Earth supporting me. I am in the right Time, Place and Mind, receiving and radiating universal harmonies.


Catalina Calveras

Thanks for posting that. Good to know you once had a Mystic Side that needed expression! You should get it out and dust it off, more often! And where are your Frida earrings? El Dio de los Muertes is soon upon us. Better get them out too!


Caitlin Williams

Thanks Tia CatalinaIt's so good to hear from my blessed Godmother. I agree with you, That piece of writing has withstood the test of time. I don't even get embarrassed at putting it out there. I know it is good writing and a powerful invocation of wolf consciousness.I don't have any Frida earrings, Will you please send me some? How about may I borrow some silver filigree with pearls earrings from Oaxaca for the season? I promise I'll send them back in 2012.Love, Katie


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